Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strange Dreams and Free Books

I haven't forgotten the purpose of this blog. I'm just trying to get my footing. I promise more good and unusual stories to come. In the meantime, let me relate an unusual dream to you. I have quite a few of those.

My wife and I are walking along a dirt road in the country. There is no one else around and no cars or other traffic, just the two of us. A few minutes into our journey, I see a dead bear cub lying in the ditch. I show my wife and we both feel very sad. As we continue our journey, it begins to get dark and I tell my wife that we need to find a place to sleep for the night. We come to an old abandoned house and decide to go inside and stay the night there. As we walk into the yard, we start to see dead baby bears everywhere. The grief we feel is great but it is soon replaced by fear of the mother bear. I know that when the mama bear shows up she will think that my wife and I had something to do with the devestation, which we did not. At this point I wake up.

Please feel free to comment about your own dreams. Or send me your dream in an email to and I'll publish it in the blog.

I'm also offering a free paperback copy of either Twisted Perception, or Beneath a Buried House. All I ask in return is a review of the book posted on or Barnes& If interested, please email me at

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