Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hello, everyone. If you would like to register for a free copy of Twisted Perception, please go to my website at

That doesn’t sound so bad you say? Okay I’ll quickly throw in the good stuff. During the two-week period that acted as the end of July, the air conditioner in my house decided to quit working on the hottest day in Oklahoma history and all the people who attend to such matters were already doing so and couldn’t get to my house for two days. Don’t ask. My mother decided to pay us a visit, and while she was here the a/c did its disappearing act, we went outside to sit on the porch swing, and the darned contraption fell, giving me and mom quite a scare, not to mention spilling hot coffee on my mom. I had to run to the drug store and get some burn medication. To top all that off, my wife caught some sort of viral bronchial infection and gave it to me and my poor mom.

Did I mention things got better? Since then, I’ve had several wonderful radio interviews with hosts that actually read my book and loved it, and numerous successful book signings at bookstores around Broken Arrow and Tulsa. Okay I’ll mention a couple. If you are ever in Broken Arrow and want to peruse the shelves of a good bookstore, go to The Book Place at 101st and Elm. While in Tulsa, you will want to visit Steve’s Books and Magazines, an absolutely wonderful bookstore that’s been in operation since the 1950’s.

Coming up in the near future, I will be conducting a free on-line tele-seminar on September 28 at 7:00 PM Central Time. If you want to learn about writing mysteries, or know of someone who does, go to On the right side of the screen, there will be a link with my name on it. Click on this and register. You will get directions on what to do. Everything is free.

On September 30 through October 2, I’ll be at the Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave in Manhattan Kansas; October 11 at 1:00 PM I’ll be doing a radio interview with KTFK 1340 AM in Sand Springs, OK; October 13 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM, I’ll be giving a program and signing books at the Newcastle Library in Newcastle, OK; and October 28 through 30, I’ll be at the Cape Fear Crime Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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